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What to wear…

A little shout out to say thank you, to all of you who came to the Kin and Cloth stand @kingscrossn1c #canopymarket and to those of you who bought items. Also not forgotten those of you who are now following. Many of you are still asking the question. How to dress your little ones, when […]

Beach weather in the city

I remember we had beach weather, in our summer holiday growing up and now once again we having sunny beach ready weather right in our UK cities. Long may it last with rain in the evenings to feed the earth.

Green was a hit

It’s been a busy morning so far, but not too busy to say thank you for all those who came by the stand. It looks like a lot of babies and toddlers are receiving gifts out there. The colour green was a big hit. We will be back soon at the Kings Cross Canopy market, […]

At the market

What a glorious Sunday at the market, friends meeting friends, friend meeting strangers.

Those hidden gems

  When you are about to start your day, make some time to take a different route every now and then. There are so many hidden gems throughout your city. Head out with our run around tote bag.

Get ready for the weekend

When your getting ready to finish one weekend,  time to start planning the next, and on Saturday 9th June we will be at the Primrose Hill Designer Sale Address: St Mary’s Church, Elsworthy Road, Primrose Hill, NW3 3DJ Spread the word, we look forward to seeing you there.