Kids Workshops




We are pleased to announce that Kings Cross Academy have asked Kin and Cloth to run another term of Creative Club. The new term will see returning children such as those who have attended the club from reception age and are now about to start year 2 .
Each session helps children to have confidence in working with others (team building) and to enhance their own communication and active listening skills. We guide each child to build patience, individual decision-making, behavioural techniques and discipline for creative learning. The Creative Club enables children to gain new skills, have a sense of belonging and develop learning and coping strategies.
Our club sizes are small so that we can give quality time to children and throughout the term, each child is guided to overcome doubts or personal blocks and will move on from the club understanding that there is no limit to their creativity. There are a high number of children who attend the club showing amazing potential to continue in the creative industry as adults.  Task set for children will always have the aim to gain basic knowledge from a forgotten life skill, helping them to develop better motor skills, a greater knowledge of how garments they wear are made all whilst having fun.
We have the ability to guide children into having a good understanding of stitching techniques and become individuals who will enjoy the creative arts and take joy in seeing their peers grow and develop alongside them.
The Future.
With the ever growing interest in children learning creative skills and parents contacting Kin and Cloth to find out more, we are seeking to find suitable workshop spaces for a wide age group of children to carry out creative projects within our community.
We welcome material donations so children at the school can gain access to them. If you would like to find out more information, please do contact us by clicking on the below Say Hello link.